Progetto Fuoco

Biennial international exhibition of plants and equipment for the production of heat and energy from wood combustion,

21 – 25 February 2018, Veronafiere.

Progetto Fuoco is the only global event in the wood heating sector:

• 754 companies (+ 15% compared to the previous edition) of which 322 abroad on 105,000 square meters of exhibition space (2016 data);

• 70,317 visitors, 14,450 of whom are foreigners from 69 countries (2016 data);

• Unique fair with display of working products and smoke extraction system;

• Scientific collaborations with AIEL, technical partner, University of Padua TeSAF, Assocosma, Anfus and all the main associations of the sector;

• Opinion on the level of satisfaction of exhibitors for participation in Progetto Fuoco: 91% positive, 8% neutral, 1% negative.

• Opinion on the attendance of visitors by exhibitors: 81% positive, 18% neutral, 1% negative.

• Opinion on visitor quality by exhibitors: 71% positive, 28% neutral, 1% negative.

The product sectors of Progetto Fuoco:

• Modern and traditional heating appliances (fireplaces, stoves, kitchens, barbecues).

• Boilers.

• Pellets and wood.

• Pellet machines and large biomass plants.

• Technical materials and components.

• Fumisteria.


Biennial international exhibition on wooden buildings

9-12 February 2017, Veronafiere.

Legno & Edilizia is the only fair entirely dedicated to the wood industry in construction:

• 15,000 square meters of exhibition space, 147 exhibiting companies and 18,000 visitors from all Italian regions (2015 data);

• Targeted communication campaign for the world of designers and carpenters.

• Delegations of foreign operators from developing and emerging markets.

• Prestigious scientific, in-depth and training program.

• High level of exhibitor satisfaction (72% positive, 26% neutral, 1% negative).

The product sectors of Legno & Edilizia:

• wood and semi-finished products

• machinery and tools

• supporting structures

• carpentry

• wooden houses

• Staircase ceilings and walls

• security systems

• roofs and roofs

• door frames for doors

• varnishes and impregnating agents

• fixing systems

• design studies

• import and distribution.

Italia Legno Energia

Exhibition dedicated to technology for the production of heat and energy for wood combustion

24-26 March 2017, Arezzo Fair.

Italia Legno Energia is the new event of Piemmeti that addresses the market area with the most important Italian woodland area (Tuscany and Central Italy).

Italia LEGNO ENERGIA is an event that presents the machines and equipment for the production and pre-treatment of wood biofuels: wood, wood chips and pellets, up to the most modern and innovative technological solutions for domestic, civil, industrial and mini-cogeneration.

Italy WOOD ENERGY intends to exploit the potential and the need to invest in the biomass heating system in a territory rich in forests and forests.

• 147 exhibiting companies and 16,000 visitors (2015 data)

• Important conference program coordinated by AIEL and the main local economic institutions.

The product sectors of Italia Legno Energia:

• Machinery and equipment for the agroforestry sector

• Machines and equipment for wood processing for energy purposes

• Production / trade of wood products for energy purposes (pellets, wood chips, etc.)

• Production of boilers and technologies for energy from wood

• Stoves, fireplaces, kitchens, barbecue

• Installation and plant engineering

• Equipment and products for the flue.